Antonio Fedoriw

I'm graduating from Rowan University in the summer of 2020 with a bachelors in sports communication and media and a minor in journalism. 

Two South Jersey powerhouses square off

The Sterling Knights men’s volleyball team has an important upcoming match early in the season against Washington Township. Sterling is currently 1-0 to start the season with two more games against Pleasantville and North Burlington before facing Washington Township. Even though they are not overlooking both those teams, they have their eyes set on Washington Township. They are currently ranked 19th in the state of New Jersey. Sterling defeated them last season and finished with an impressive 23-4 record on the season. Washington Township is looking for revenge in a battle against two powerhouse programs over the past half decade plus. Sterling is looking to make its mark by beating the minutemen and improve their position moving forward. The knight’s offensive attack will be spearheaded by seniors Josh Matchett and Rob Wilsey. Both received 1st team all conference for their respective team as juniors. “My team isn’t as big or athletic as recent years but they have great team chemistry and understanding of the game of volleyball. They are a winning team from a winning program with high expectations in themselves,” said coach Dan Stuart of Sterling’s team. They will need to focus on stopping Washington’s best offensive player, Brett Guetens, who tallied 158 kills as a junior. Jake Sculley, Sterling's libero is ready to take on the role of defending him. “If i can do my job and prepare myself to be in the right position for his hits, I know my hitters can finish the job and get the kills off my pass.”

Megan Shook's Volleyball Journey

Megan Shook was one of South Jersey’s premier high school volleyball players. She was a four year varsity starter and earned multiple all conference honors and a state championship. Entering college at RCGC she took her first year off from sports and returned in a dominating fashion to the court her second year. In 2017 the RCGC volleyball program went from 3-13 record to a huge jump of 9-10 the following year she joined. She played the role as the setter which is the most vital position in volleyball. She was an excellent communicator, directing where each player should go for plays. When asking Megan about her best strengths she responded,”It is definitely my ability to communicate with my teammates and the amount of trust they have in me to put the ball where it needs to be for them.” Megan brought multiple first to the RCGC program and that was making it to the playoffs for the first time in school history. They would advance to the semifinals and eventually lost to the reigning champion Northampton. She was awarded All Region honors for one of the best setters and that has also never been handed to a RCGC player before. “She is the setter you dream of having when you play volleyball. She makes the game so much easier and enjoyable when she is setting for our team,” Azhyianna RCGC middle hitter. Megan Shook is transfering to Rowan University this season in hopes of making a huge impact as she did for the RCGC program.

The Other Half of Rowan’s Club Volleyball Teams

The 2019 fall semester is coming to a close for Rowan University. The Women’s NCAA team is currently in the off season preparing for another successful season in the NJAC, for 2020. Both the women’s and the men’s club volleyball teams are still competing though. In my previous post, I interviewed Megan Shook, a member of the girls club volleyball team. I am now able to post about all three volleyball teams here at Rowan with the men’s team below. They have a similar style of season to the girls

Brian Bogal, a Lead Volleyball Reporter

Earlier last week, I was able to get in contact with Brian Bogal. He is 26 years old and grew up in Edison New Jersey. He works for, covering high school volleyball, and also in the media management department of MLB Network. He graduated from Michigan State University, with a bachelors of Arts degree in Journalism in 2015. Since than he has covered sports across New Jersey for the past four years. “I got the job a few months after getting out of college thanks to someone I wrote